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Orient Electric 1200mm I Falcon BLDC Ceiling Fan

Orient Electric 1200mm I Falcon BLDC Ceiling Fan with Remote and LED Light (Save Up to 50% on Electricity Bills!)

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Orient Electric Eco Tech Pro 1200mm BLDC 5-Star High-Speed Ceiling Fan (White) – Energy Saving

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Orient Electric Eco Tech Pro 1200mm BLDC Ceiling Fan

Orient Electric Hector 500: BLDC Ceiling Fan with Regulator Compatibility (Up to 50% Energy Saving)

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Reduce energy bills by up to 50% with Orient Electric’s Hector 500 BLDC Fan. Wide blades for powerful airflow, regulator compatible, runs 2X longer on inverter. 3-year warranty.

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Beat the Heat and Save on Electricity Bills with Orient Electric’s Hector 500 BLDC Ceiling Fan

Looking for a ceiling fan that keeps your home cool and comfortable while saving you money on electricity bills? Look no further than the Orient Electric Hector 500 BLDC Ceiling Fan. This innovative fan utilizes BLDC (Brushless Direct Current) motor technology to deliver superior performance, energy efficiency, and durability.

Unmatched Energy Savings

The Hector 500 is a 5-star rated ceiling fan that can significantly reduce your household’s annual electricity consumption. Compared to conventional fans, the BLDC motor consumes up to 50% less energy, translating to potential savings of up to ₹6500 per year on your electricity bills. With energy costs rising, the Hector 500 is an investment that pays for itself over time.

Powerful Airflow for All-Around Comfort

Don’t let the energy efficiency fool you – the Hector 500 is a powerhouse when it comes to air circulation. The wide-tipped aluminum blades are designed to deliver a high volume of air (230 CMM) to every corner of your room, ensuring consistent cooling and eliminating hot spots.

Seamless Compatibility with Existing Regulators

One of the biggest advantages of the Hector 500 is its compatibility with existing regulator switches. Unlike some BLDC fans that require specific regulators, the Hector 500 works seamlessly with your existing setup. This eliminates the need for additional electrical work or replacing your current regulator, making installation a breeze.

Built to Withstand Voltage Fluctuations

Indian homes are no strangers to voltage fluctuations. The Hector 500 is built to handle these fluctuations with ease, thanks to its wide operating voltage range of 140-270V. So, you can say goodbye to worrying about low voltage or power surges affecting your fan’s performance.

Extended Runtime on Inverter During Power Cuts

With frequent power cuts being a common challenge in many parts of India, the Hector 500’s ability to run for extended periods on an inverter is a valuable feature. The BLDC motor’s low energy consumption allows the fan to operate for up to twice as long on inverter power compared to a conventional fan. This ensures you stay cool and comfortable even during extended power outages.

Durable and Reliable with a 3-Year Warranty

Orient Electric is known for its commitment to quality and durability, and the Hector 500 is no exception. The fan is built with high-quality materials and undergoes rigorous testing to ensure long-lasting performance. For added peace of mind, Orient Electric backs the Hector 500 with a comprehensive 3-year warranty against manufacturing defects.

The Perfect Choice for Modern Homes

The Hector 500’s sleek and stylish design makes it a perfect complement for modern homes. The white finish adds a touch of elegance to any room, while the compact design ensures it doesn’t overpower your space.

Easy Installation for Quick Setup

The Hector 500 comes with all the necessary hardware for a quick and hassle-free installation. The easy-to-follow instructions make it a breeze to set up the fan, even for DIY enthusiasts.

Invest in Comfort and Savings with the Orient Electric Hector 500 BLDC Ceiling Fan

If you’re looking for a ceiling fan that offers superior cooling, energy efficiency, and long-lasting durability, the Orient Electric Hector 500 BLDC Ceiling Fan is the perfect choice. With its ability to save you up to 50% on your electricity bills, the Hector 500 is an investment that pays for itself over time. Order your Hector 500 today and experience the difference a BLDC fan can make in your home.

From the manufacturer

Hector 500 White

Hector 500 Color Range

BLDC Range


Additional information


Orient Electric



Electric fan design

Ceiling Fan

Power Source




Product Dimensions

23D x 50W x 20H Centimeters

Room Type

Living Room, Bedroom, Dining Room

Special Feature



30 Watts

Blade Length

1200 Millimetres



Switch Type

‎Push Button

Item Weight

4 kg 400 g

Included Components

‎1 Motor, 1 Shackle Kit, Downrods, Plastic Bush, Sleeve, 1/4\" Bolt With Nut), 3 Blades

Indoor/Outdoor Usage


Model Name


Specification Met


Blade Material



Orient Electric

Item model number

‎Hector(White)_Pack of 1

Net Quantity

1.00 count


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